Driver Points

We Can Help You Avoid Points on Your License and Insurance

Being convicted of a traffic violation does not only mean that you will have to pay an expensive ticket. The reality for most drivers all over the country is that a traffic violation will show up on your driving record in the form of "points." When you accrue more violations, you accrue more points.

In many cases, your insurance rates might go up. In extreme cases, your license and driving privileges could be suspended. Some traffic violations such as DUI/DWI will automatically trigger a license suspension for a specific period of time.

The Virginia law firm of Cassell & Crewe, P.C., can help you avoid points on your driver's license and insurance record. We seek to help all clients, including out-of-state drivers:

  • Obtain dismissals
  • Get charges reduced to non-moving violations
  • Get reduced penalties
  • Avoid insurance rate increases
  • Avoid license suspensions
  • Get limited driving privileges if they do lose their licenses

For commercial drivers who earn a living by driving, we know they cannot afford to have traffic violations and points on their licenses. They could lose their licenses and their jobs and put their own livelihoods and families in jeopardy.

The skilled traffic defense lawyers at Cassell & Crewe, P.C., know the traffic laws and the court system and will work to minimize the consequences of any traffic offense, including reckless driving and other serious offenses.

Follow These Steps if You Are Charged With a Traffic Offense

1. Don't be rude to the police officer

2. Obtain an experienced traffic defense attorney

3. Get copy of your driving record

4. Get your odometer tested for accuracy if speeding was involved

Free Consultation - Contact Our Wythe County DMV Points Attorneys

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