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The social stigma of drug crimes causes many people to forego their right to legal representation. They make the unfortunate mistake of thinking that their rights will be protected by the people involved in their cases. As a result, should they be convicted of drug possession, for instance, a variety of unintended consequences can result. For instance, if convicted, people could lose their driver’s licenses.

Instead of making this mistake, you can hire the experienced criminal defense attorneys of Cassell & Crewe, P.C. We regularly work with clients who need to learn about their rights and what options are available to them in protecting those rights.

Protecting You Against Drug Possession And Other Drug-Related Charges

Protecting your rights in a drug case means that we will analyze your case comprehensively. In doing so, we determine a number of issues that can help you defeat your drug charges, including:

  • Whether the police acted legally in your case
  • Whether any evidence has been properly gathered
  • Whether any evidence has been properly preserved
  • And more

We handle a variety of crimes related to a number of drugs, including prescription drugs, marijuana, cocaine and others. When advising you, we commit ourselves to working with you individually in order to provide you with a criminal defense strategy that is tailored to the specific needs of your case.

Our attorneys hold more than 50 years of combined criminal defense experience. As a result, clients depend on them with confidence, knowing that they possess the seasoned legal judgment that enables them to advise clients intelligently as to all of the available legal options in a drug case.

Drug Crime Defense Lawyers: Wytheville, Virginia, And All Surrounding Areas

Potential drug crime defense clients can call Cassell & Crewe, P.C., at 276-200-2754 to schedule a consultation or contact us online. Our office is located within two miles of I-77 and I-81, close to the courthouse. All communications remain confidential.


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